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Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Reduce Stress and Anxiety Through Imagery We have been discussing ways to help reduce stress, anxiety and fear in our previous blog posts. Today I want to introduce some resources that will target anxiety and stress reduction for yourself or children. Guided imagery can take many forms, and it is usually associated with pictures or […]

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Child Anxiety and Fear Part 2

Child Anxiety and Fear Part 2 Welcome back! Last month I wrote about child anxiety and fear and how concerning this can be for many parents. Today we will take a closer look at how you, the parent, can help your child manage and cope with common symptoms of anxiety. Please note that these strategies […]

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Child Anxiety and Fear

Child Anxiety and Fear How Can Parents Help? Part One You are not alone if you have a child struggling from anxiety or fear! You may feel hopeless and confused as you try to help your child reduce their anxiety. Sometimes the strategies that once cured a nightmare are no longer effective. You have given […]

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