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Dare to Reach!

Dare to Reach your goals!


 Deciding to reach for a goal despite the odds, fear, and doubt that you may have inside can be a true step of internal faith. Moving from timid hesitation to fierce confidence is a passionate action. It can be a process that takes time or it can be an attitude of “no looking back”…just go! However you come to this place of reaching for new goals, you are taking a earnest step for positive growth in your life.

Our dear friend, Kyle Morgan, took a bold step to train for his first 5k. You must know that before Kyle’s accident, running a 5k would be nothing he would have fret over. He is a determined man up for any adrenaline rush despite the odds. However, due to physical limitations Kyle had a decision to make. Do I stop and allow my disability to keep me behind closed doors, or do I REACH for something that will challenge and push me physically, emotionally, and mentally?! Of course he made the decision to complete the 5k despite the physical challenges. Kyle successfully completed his first 5k under 1 hour in the mountains of Highlands, NC for the Gilliam’s Promise Non-Profit fundraiser. He mastered a plan, trained, prepared, and followed through. There were many significant interpretations that came to life when he crossed the finish line. It meant that you can defy odds, feel empowered, challenge every doubt, and be something you really want to be! It means that you don’t have to feel stuck just wondering what you could have accomplished. There is a time in everyone’s life where you will decide whether you will reach for the next level.  For some it may not be your time to move; you must sit and wait for the right moment. For others that time is now!… Ready… Set… REACH…. And then… GO!

About Gilliam’s Promise:

Gilliam’s PromisGilliam's Promisee sponsors a student-led Club in the community for students grades 6-12. The criteria that must be met to be eligible for Club membership is as follows: (1) students must submit to random drug testing, (2) students must have no more than 3 unexcused absences per school year, (3) students must be involved in at least one after-school activity/sport or be employed at least 10 hours a week throughout the school year, and (4) students must maintain a C+ average for the school year. (5) Students must participate in club meetings and activities. Any student that meets the criteria and tests negative for substance use will be awarded a scholarship at the end of the school year to be placed in an escrow account. Upon graduation the funds will be allocated in the name of that student to a higher institute of learning or vocational training program that the student plans to attend to offset costs of tuition, books, etc. The scholarship amount for the 2011-2012 school year is $1000, but may be adjusted in future years at the Board’s discretion.

To learn more visit:  http://www.gilliamspromise.org/index.html

Please enjoy the pictures of Kyle reaching and completing his goal!

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