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Counseling in the New Year


An Invitation To Counseling

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Welcome 2015 and all of you who read this post today!   Oh the phrase, “Happy New Years!!” Yet for so many, the year doesn’t feel happy or hopeful. For others, the idea of starting fresh is inspiring and exciting. For the one who does not feel positive about the new year, thank you for your honesty. I do not judge you and welcome you to consider counseling this year.

Right now we are in the beginning of a brand new year. Counseling, for some, can be an important way to transform the inner world they are experiencing. If you have never tried counseling before read a few tips to help you get started:

  • Take your time in finding the right therapist for you. It may take some homework and research to find a therapist who will best fit your needs, but once you discover that fit you will be thankful you did your homework.
  • Ask for a free phone or face to face consultation as you search for a therapist. It’s okay to do this with a few therapist before you make your decision.
  • Understand it takes time to feel as if counseling is helping. You are entering a therapeutic relationship that will take time to mature and grow. The first few sessions you may leave thinking, “Well that wasn’t really helpful.” Your therapist is taking her time to get to know you and best learn how she can support you. She knows nothing about you and you are developing trust. So stick with it to see if your therapeutic connection grows. If you don’t feel the match is working talk to your therapist about this. She should be happy to process what is blocking this or refer you to a different therapist who may better assist you.
  • You may feel nervous before you get to your appointments. IT’s okay and this is normal. Often clients will say, “I had so much I wanted to share and now I feel totally blank.” Your therapist understands this and should help you work through the “freeze” you are experiencing in session.
  • If you have found a therapist who is helping you progress and heal consider committing to the process. If that voice says, “You don’t need this, its a waste of money and time,” try to keep open and attend your next session. It’s okay to tell your therapist you felt this way before you came in.

I, Vanessa, am a licensed therapist here in Asheville, NC . I am currently taking new clients. I have a heart to see people heal from the inside out and develop ways to feel free from the emotional trauma and pain from the past. I currently serve adult women, adolescents, children, and families. Please visit my about me page to learn more.

Imagine taking the year 2015 to claim healing and freedom in your life. I dedicated 2014 to doing this for myself, and it was the best decision I could have made that year. I invite you to consider walking down your healing path this year. If counseling is a part of that journey contact me to see if I am the one who should walk with you.