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Counseling for College Students

College Students Home For Summer:

It’s Just Not The Same

College Students

For many parents, their first year college-aged child will come home for the  summer. A year of being gone, and now they will return to Asheville, NC…. They have a new found independence and they are experiencing adulthood. With this change a host of thoughts and feelings emerge. Coming home for a few months can be really challenging for several teens and young adults. They miss their routine, and many of them are discovering who they are outside of their home towns, parents, and families. As a therapist in Asheville, and a college graduate, I can relate to those emotions and thoughts after my first summer back home. I am from a small town and I can remember how much I missed my new college community and life I had created. At the same time, I was glad to be home experiencing life the way it used to be.I can still remember how hard it was to have to move several times that first year. Often times, counseling for college students becomes an option for families.

A first year college student attending a university away from home goes through major changes after high school graduation. They say good bye to their high school, friends, jobs, parents, churches and then they come back home for summer break following their 2nd semester of college. They return, but their friends are usually scattered in other places. Not only that, it is difficult to get hired for a temporary job since they will only be here for 2 months. Lastly, when they go back to college in August  they go through yet another transition. The move back is usually less emotional, but it can still be very stressful.

I have personal and professional experience working with college-aged students. Seeking counseling in the summer is a great way to help your child navigate the many emotions they are experiencing. Having a support system and a person to teach them helpful coping skills will allow your young adult to better manage this odd phase of life. Also, I help parents learn new ways of “parenting” a college-aged student. As you know, this looks different as well, and it can be hard to know how to “parent” a child who lives on their own most of the year.

After we complete a summer of counseling (usually 8-10 session), I can continue the relationship with your child until they feel adjusted and ready to put a pause on the service. I use a HIPPA approved program similar to Skype, called VSEE, to counsel students away from Asheville. This tool is great, because we can continue our therapeutic relationship and maintain the progress they have made. Another plus about VSEE, is it is free to download on your phone or computer. When they feel settled back into their college routine they may request to put a time-out on counseling until a later date. Lastly, if your child needs more consistent face to face counseling, I can help locate a therapist in their college town that would be an appropriate match. I will stay connected with your child until they feel the relationship with the new therapist is formed.

College is a blissful yet scary time for many teenagers and young adults. Stepping out into the world opens the door for many opportunities, memories, and feelings. Seeking counseling allows your child to have someone to walk alongside them as they launch into this beautiful world!

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